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Happy Car Buyer

Auto Buying Guide

Be A Smart And Savvy Car Buyer.

Buying a car can be fun. It can also be stressful. If the latter describes you, don’t feel bad. It’s a decision everyone should take seriously. That’s why we offer a variety of tools and services—we want to help you confidently walk into the dealership and drive a hard bargain.

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How You Could Save More Than $2,000

Knowledge Can Save You Thousands

“$20,995, 1.99%, Drive it home today!”

That is the advertisement that got a young woman to visit a local car dealership. She had done the math – by financing her vehicle for 48 months her payments would come in at $414, an amount she could afford.

At the dealer, she negotiated a bit and even received a $500 discount. But her payment for 48 months came in at $507, almost $100 more than she had planned for. What happened?

What wasn’t factored in by the young woman were other costs like taxes, title, registration, and the actual interest rate she received.

The advertised 1.99% rate came with many caveats and the young woman simply did not qualify. But she had invested so much time into researching the vehicle and negotiating for the $500 discount that she didn’t have the energy to battle any further.

Although she drove away paying more than she wanted to, she left much wiser because she learned that her monthly payments were not the only cost that she had to consider.

The True Costs of Ownership

How much does a car really cost? And what is the total cost of ownership?

The average price of a new car is $34,000 and the combined average of new and used cars is $25,500. Of course, many factors determine the total price of your car.

The other important considerations that help determine your total cost include the following:

  • Taxes, registration, license
  • Interest on amount borrowed
  • Insurance premiums
  • Other insurance offerings such as GAP and extended warranties
  • Gas/fuel to keep it going
  • Regular oil changes and tire rotations
  • Tire replacements
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • Protection services like roadside assistance

If you want to calculate the average cost of owning a vehicle it is approximately 60 cents per mile driven. So, if you drive 12,000 miles a year your annual total cost of ownership is $7,200. 15,000 miles a year translates to $9,000. This is an average cost, as the cost of owning a sedan is less than that of an SUV.

Shop Around and Talk To Us

The young woman who purchased the vehicle was spending approximately $750 per month getting around using Uber, carpooling, or renting a car for weekend trips. The decision to own a vehicle was the correct one for her.

However, the young woman's trip to the dealer could have been planned a little better. Had she contacted iTHINK Financial prior to visiting the dealer she would have been prequalified for a much lower rate.

Her monthly payments at that lower rate would only be $461. That is a whopping $2,208 savings over what she will end up paying the dealer over the course of the loan!

Come talk to us before you purchase your vehicle and know that there is more to the price of the car than what is advertised.

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Auto Loan Calculators

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Our Vehicle Loan Rates

Car and Truck Loan Rates

New Auto and Truck Loans

Term APR*
Up to 36 months 1.99% -13.84% 
37 – 72 months 2.24% - 14.74%
73 – 84 months 3.59% - 15.24%

Used Auto and Truck Loans

Term  APR*
Up to 36 months  1.99% – 13.84%
37 – 60 months  2.49% – 14.49%
61 – 72 months  2.94% - 15.24%
73 – 84 months  3.84% - 15.74%

Motorcycle, Boat, Motorhome, and Camping Trailer Loan Rates

Motorcycle Loans

Term APR*
New, up to 72 months                 4.24% – 15.49%
Used, up to 72 months 4.49% – 16.49%

Boat Loans

Term  APR*
New, up to 120 months 4.24% – 16.74%
Used, up to 120 months  4.49% – 16.99%

Motorhome and Camping Trailer Loans

Term APR*
New, up to 120 months 4.24% – 16.74%
Used, up to 120 months 4.49% – 16.99%

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Our Auto Buying Partners

Benefits of buying your new car through one of our Auto Buying partners

  • Experience haggle-free and hassle-free car buying
  • Find the new or used vehicle of your choice
  • Get a .25% discount on your Credit Union Auto Loan by using one of our Auto Buying partners*
  • Get the most value when you shop your trade

Not only will you find that perfect car, but you'll get the best price for it! The only thing you’ll have to do is pick up the keys.

Search for a car through one of our exceptional Auto Buying partners

Search for a New or Used Car at


TruCar Buying Service

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Enterprise Car Sales

Borrow Smart. Buy Smart.

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates as low as 1.99% APR on new and used vehicles, up to a 36-month term. Longer repayment terms are available at different rates; call for details. Disclosed rates are based on a credit score of 730 or higher and include all possible discounts including a .25% discount for utilization of the TrueCar, Inc. or Enterprise Car Sales – Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Auto Buying service. No other discounts apply for this promotion. Eligible discounts cannot reduce Annual Percentage Rate below 1.99%. iTHINK Financial Auto Loans are subject to income, address and identification verification, iTHINK Financial Membership and credit approval. Please refer to a consumer loan disclosure available on our website or contact a Loan Advisor for full details at 800.873.5100 or Disclosed rates not applicable for refinance of existing iTHINK Financial car loans. Not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest rate and not all Members will qualify for a credit card. Actual rate will be based on creditworthiness, vehicle model year, credit card relationship, utilization of the Auto Buying service and loan application date. Rates effective July 1, 2021. Auto Buying services offered through non-affiliated, third-party providers for iTHINK Financial.


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